Our Team Members

Rev. Susan S. Chen
Rev. Susan S. Chen is the Founder, President, and lifetime volunteer of Spring of Water International Ministries (SOWIM), a non-profit Christian organization. Responding to God’s specific calling – giving seed to the sower and bread to the eater (Isaiah 55:10), SOWIM produces top-caliber biblical learning resources in Chinese, English, and Arabic for the edification and maturing of all those who seek the Lord.
Rev. Chen graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2014 with a Master of Arts in Theology, with an emphasis in Biblical Studies and Theology. She is grateful for opportunities to serve as a Bible teacher and guest speaker at churches around the world. At SOWIM, Rev. Chen served as chief editor and co-author for the Bible study sets on the books of Esther, Ruth, Ezra, Judges and Job, and as author for the Bible study sets on the books of Joshua and Nehemiah.

Administration Team

Ivy Lin

Ivy Lin is the Program Director of Multimedia Department. She was born in Shandong, China and was converted to a Christian in 2009. She went to the UK to pursue her bachelor degree at University of East Angeles, majoring Film and TV studies. In 2014 she graduated with a MFA degree of TV, Film and Theatre Production at California State University, Los Angeles. She witnessed the power of media products in evangelism and thanks God for the wonderful opportunity to work at SOW and to serve him in multimedia area.

Cheri Chan

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Cheri majored in Biological Sciences and Psychology at Cornell University. She completed her graduate studies at the University of Michigan in Developmental Psychology, where she explored questions on culture and cognitive development. Her life was transformed in 2009 when God opened her heart to His saving grace and new life in Christ. She is in awe of the intricate stories authored by God in the lives of students (from all socio-economic backgrounds) on the college campus and among the underserved (e.g., disabled, refugees) in the community. She dedicates her life and skills – through writing, media, and immersive learning contexts – to encourage people to discover God’s love and the beauty of each person created in God’s image.

Gabrielle Cheng

Gabrielle Cheng graduated from Taiwan National Normal University with a bachelor’s degree in Education. In 1992 she came to the United States to
study church music in Christian Heritage College. After going back to Taiwan, she continually worked in an elementary school as an English teacher and served the LORD as a church choir conductor and a piano accompanist at the church. Thank God for bringing her to SOW, so we can together spread the Words of God to the world.

Volunteers’ Team

Ever since the day when Spring of Water (SOW) International Ministries was founded, there have been committed volunteers who serve faithfully at SOW out of their love for Christ. They went out of their ways without considering any return to help bring forward what God has envisioned for SOW in various aspects of the ministries. We sincerely thank the following volunteers for their faithful support and selfless pouring of their time and effort: Susan Chen, Raymond Chen, Amy Chen, Wenfeng Chen, Ching Chung, Elena Ho, Sharon Hua, Sophie Hung, Jessica Lee, Mei Lin, J.C. Lin, Angie Shaw, Vincent & Margaret Shen, Julie Sun, Pastor Shelly Young, Haitao Wang, our summer mission team members, and many other brothers and sisters whose names are not listed here..