Teachers’ Team

Professor Vincent Shen

Professor Vincent Shen was born in Tianjin, China, grew up in Taiwan. He graduated from National Taiwan University (Electrical Engineering) in 1964, and received the MA and Ph.D. degrees (Electrical Engineering) from Princeton University in 1967 and 1969.Professor Shen received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in 1972 while teaching at Purdue University. He later served at the Purdue Chinese Christian Fellowship, Crestview United Brethren Church in Lafayette, Indiana and Austin Chinese Church in Austin, Texas. He was a Founder of the Hong Kong Mandarin Bible Church ( and served as an Elder.Professor Shen was appointed the Founding Head of the Computer Science Department of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. In addition to teaching and research, he founded Hong Kong Supernet Limited, the first Internet service provider in Hong Kong. He was seconded by the Hong Kong Government to serve as its first Science Advisor from 2000 to 2003. Because of his contribution to Internet development in Hong Kong Professor Shen received the Fok Ying Tung Contribution Award in 1998.Professor Shen became Professor Emeritus of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology after retirement in 2010. He moved back to settle in the U.S. in 2016.

Rev. Susan S. Chen - Founder; Lifetime Volunteer

Rev. Susan S. Chen is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Spring of Water (SOW) International Ministries, a Christian evangelist organization founded in 2009 with the dual goals of sending short-term mission teams to Chinese-populated regions globally and producing high-quality multimedia biblical teaching materials for Christians as well as non-believers. Rev. Susan Chen graduated from the National Taiwan Normal University with a bachelor’s degree in Education. In 1983 she came to the United States to pursue her graduate study and received a master’s degree in Business Administration from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. Rev. Susan Chen graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2014 with a degree of Master of Arts in Theology, with an emphasis in Biblical Studies and Theology. Beginning in 1999, Rev. Susan Chen has taken numerous mission trips to Taiwan, China, and Europe to teach the gospel at local churches and to evangelize non-believers. In 2004, responding to God’s calling, she started full-time service to the Lord. She is regularly invited as a Bible teacher or guest speaker at many churches.

Mrs. Ching Chung

Grew up in Mainland China believing atheism. In 1990, she went to the US and received Master of Accountancy in 1993 and also passed the certified public accountant exam. Later in 1996, she accepted Jesus as her personal savior and got baptized in the year 2000. Her family moved to Hong Kong in 2001 and she has been working full-time in the Finance industry since 2003.She attends Hong Kong Mandarin Bible Church, and teaches Sunday school at the Kids’Church and is also a co-leader for Agape fellowship. In 2009, she was invited to write the script and be the narrator for the multimedia Bible commentary DVD of “Esther”. In 2011, she was the co-author of the script and the narrator for the multimedia Bible commentary DVD of “Ruth”. When Spring of Water Int’l Ministries (Hong Kong) was established in 2012, she was called to serve on the board.

Administration Team

Ivy Lin

Ivy Lin is the Program Director of Multimedia Department. She was born in Shandong, China and was converted to a Christian in 2009. She went to the UK to pursue her bachelor degree at University of East Angeles, majoring Film and TV studies. In 2014 she graduated with a MFA degree of TV, Film and Theatre Production at California State University, Los Angeles. She witnessed the power of media products in evangelism and thanks God for the wonderful opportunity to work at SOW and to serve him in multimedia area.

Gabrielle Cheng

Gabrielle Cheng graduated from Taiwan National Normal University with a bachelor’s degree in Education. In 1992 she came to the United States to
study church music in Christian Heritage College. After going back to Taiwan, she continually worked in an elementary school as an English teacher and served the LORD as a church choir conductor and a piano accompanist at the church. Thank God for bringing her to SOW, so we can together spread the Words of God to the world.

Volunteers’ Team

Ever since the day when Spring of Water (SOW) International Ministries was founded, there have been committed volunteers who serve faithfully at SOW out of their love for Christ. They went out of their ways without considering any return to help bring forward what God has envisioned for SOW in various aspects of the ministries. We sincerely thank the following volunteers for their faithful support and selfless pouring of their time and effort: Susan Chen, Raymond Chen, Amy Chen, Wenfeng Chen, Ching Chung, Elena Ho, Sharon Hua, Sophie Hung, Jessica Lee, Mei Lin, J.C. Lin, Angie Shaw, Vincent & Margaret Shen, Julie Sun, Pastor Shelly Young, Haitao Wang, our summer mission team members, and many other brothers and sisters whose names are not listed here.


North California - Elena Ho

Elena Ho was born and raised in a Christian home in Hong Kong.  At the age of 17, she came to US for college (Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD) and then graduate school (Wayne State University, Detroit, MI).  Elena Ho was trained as a scientist in the area of pharmacokinetics and clinical sciences.  As a professional, she has always been fascinated by new discoveries that are supported by sound data, and the projection or prediction of what would happen in human based on careful analysis. Similarly, Elena Ho highly values S.O.W.’s approach of collecting data from the past, providing readers with history, geography, and cultural background in order to stimulate personal interest in studying the Bible.   It is her desire to see, through SOW’s teaching materials, people finding that the Bible is true, who they are, and what is to come.
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US - Rev. Susan S. Chen

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Taiwan - Steven Chen

Steven Chen grew up in a Christian family, his father is a pastor of the Tian-mu church (retired in 2018). He graduated from the department of Business Administration of Chang Gung University, worked for both foreign companies and Taiwan companies in Sales activities, customer relationship management and information management service…etc. Steven joins SOW in 2017, currently he is assisting in the process management of printing, packaging and shipping of materials, also promoting SOW teaching materials to churches, Sunday schools, Bible study classes, and church groups in Taiwan.
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Hong Kong - Ching Chung