Book of Nehemiah (English)


With a heart full of thanksgiving, SOWIM is honored to present Nehemiah, Part Two of the Comprehensive Ezra-Nehemiah Bible Study Set. This production was made possible entirely through the donations and offering of God’s children.

Nehemiah’s account began with the protagonist in lament, fasting, and prayer over the destruction of Jerusalem, with her walls fallen and her gates burned down. In human eyes, any remaining hope was dashed as the kingdom of Judah faced its tragic end. Yet, the end of man is the beginning of God. In a most miraculous turn of events, God moved the heart of King Artaxerxes to commission Nehemiah as his special envoy and governor in the land of Judah. Sent to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, Nehemiah led the third return of God’s people from exile back to Jerusalem.

We learn from Nehemiah’s example of bold perseverance and skillful leadership. He was undeterred by difficult obstacles, nor did he despair when facing threats and attacks. As a leader, Nehemiah did not take any payment for his work but poured out himself tirelessly, resulting in the full restoration of the walls of Jerusalem within fifty-two days. Partnering with Ezra the scribe, Nehemiah fanned the flame for the greatest time of spiritual revival among God’s people since the Jewish exile.

May your study of God’s words in Nehemiah form you into a treasured vessel in our Master’s house!