Book of Ruth (Chinese)

Book of Ruth (Chinese)


The Book of Ruth recounts a beautiful love story without once mentioning the word “Love”. Boaz’s act of redeeming Ruth reveals to us that God’s redemption plan includes the gentiles. As long as we are willing to abandon our idols and turn to the one and only living God, we can enjoy His salvation and blessing together with God’s chosen people!

The Book of Ruth Bible Study Set (Study Guide with Bible Study DVD) combines professional film, audiovisual effects, rigorous expository chapters, and small group interaction guides to enhance each learner’s experience of God’s words. It is an ideal tool for Sunday school and Bible study groups.

The Book of Ruth: A Synopsis

The book of Ruth documents an event that took place in the turbulent era of the Judges. Set in an ordinary Jewish family, this heartfelt narrative follows the plight and redemption of two female protagonists, both widows: Naomi and her daughter-in-law, Ruth. As we journey with the two women, we taste the bitterness of strife, the comfort of family, and the ruggedness of responsibility. We see how God, in His infinite wisdom, accomplishes extraordinary outcomes in ordinary circumstances. We witness how, by faith and trust in God, ordinary people are shaped to live the most extraordinary lives through which blessing can flow.

The story of Ruth brought great hope and encouragement to the Jews who found themselves in a most difficult time as individuals and as a people. In particular, the book clearly demonstrates that the God of Israel watches over His chosen people and has a calling for the Gentiles.

This work follows SOWIM’s groundbreaking production of the Book of Esther Bible Study Set. Through on-site teaching filmed at key historical sites in Israel and Jordan and at selected national museums including the Louvre, the Book of Ruth Bible Study Set draws any learner into an impactful experience of Jewish culture in the era of Judges.

Bible Study DVD (Chinese version)

Mandarin/ Cantonese, Traditional/ Simplified Chinese subtitles, Total length 68 minutes. 7 Lessons, 13 sections, may be played by section.

  • Re-tell the book from a new and exciting angle, your spiritual view will be broadened;
  • Filmed in the ancient land of Moab (now situated in Jordon) and ancient city of Bethlehem (now within the land of Israel);
  • Using 3D animation;
  • Using 3D geographic demonstrations and maps;
  • Showcase of cultural and historical relics from many museums;
  • Provide detailed information of Biblical archaeology.

Study Guide

Traditional Chinese. 164 pages.

This guide is designed for Sunday school and Bible study group, which covers both Bible learning and life application.  There are 7 Lessons in this book. It contains an overall introduction as well as analyzes in great detail the entire book chapter by chapter. In addition, the end of each lesson lists several Bible study questions and life application topics for sharing.


Sample Chapter

Lesson 2 Turning Back

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User Feedback

Book of Ruth is my favorite book when I just became a Christian. Despite read and listened it many times before, but last night’s sharing was so deep and touching, it connected with my spiritual life.

I am very grateful for “SOW”, it’s not just archeology, but also teaching and shepherding; it’s not pure researches and data, but also making us think whether we should renew our lives from the inside through the questions …… Let me see this book is not only just full of classic love, loyalty and humility, but also reminds me to always love and faithful to God, always pursue the humble obedience in life, living a Ruth-like life to please to God.

Sister Maya, Shenzhen

SOW Book of Ruth Multimedia Bible study materials is very innovative and unique. It makes me experience the book of the Bible. The video suits different people: it helps new believers to gain interests in learning the Bible; it also helps mature Christians to gain more insights from the discussions.

Sister Yang, Beijing