Book of Nehemiah (English)

Book of Nehemiah (English)


By the miraculous guidance of God, the Book of Nehemiah describes the return of Israelites to Jerusalem in 445 B.C. They not only had rebuilt the wall in only 52 days; more importantly, under Nehemiah’s leadership, they renewed their relationship with God. This was a major spiritual revival event for the Israelites!

The Book of Nehemiah multimedia Bible study product (Study Guide with Bible Study DVD) combines both auditory and visual elements to enhance the learning result. It is an ideal tool for Sunday school and Bible study group.

The Book of Nehemiah: A Synopsis

With a heart full of thanksgiving, SOWIM is honored to present Nehemiah, Part Two of the Comprehensive Ezra-Nehemiah Bible Study Set. This production was made possible entirely through the donations and offering of God’s children.

Nehemiah’s account began with the protagonist in lament, fasting, and prayer over the destruction of Jerusalem, with her walls fallen and her gates burned down. In human eyes, any remaining hope was dashed as the kingdom of Judah faced its tragic end. Yet, the end of man is the beginning of God. In a most miraculous turn of events, God moved the heart of King Artaxerxes to commission Nehemiah as his special envoy and governor in the land of Judah. Sent to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, Nehemiah led the third return of God’s people from exile back to Jerusalem.

We learn from Nehemiah’s example of bold perseverance and skillful leadership. He was undeterred by difficult obstacles, nor did he despair when facing threats and attacks. As a leader, Nehemiah did not take any payment for his work but poured out himself tirelessly, resulting in the full restoration of the walls of Jerusalem within fifty-two days. Partnering with Ezra the scribe, Nehemiah fanned the flame for the greatest time of spiritual revival among God’s people since the Jewish exile.

May your study of God’s words in Nehemiah form you into a treasured vessel in our Master’s house!

Bible Study DVD (English version)

English/ Chinese, English/ Traditional/ Simplified Chinese subtitles, Total length 88 minutes. 8 Lessons, 12 sections, may be played by section.

Filmed in the holy land;

Contains invaluable artifacts found in museums;

Explore living history, learn God’s faithfulness.

Study Guide

English. 213 pages.

This guide is designed for Sunday school and Bible study group, which covers both Bible learning and life application.  There are 8 Lessons in this book. It contains an overall introduction as well as analyzes in great details the entire book chapter by chapter. In addition, the end of each lesson lists several Bible study questions and life application topics for sharing.


Sample Chapter

Lesson 3 Dividing the Work in Sections; Building the Walls Simultaneously in Unity

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User Feedback

We were stunned when we watching the Book of Nehemiah video. The 3D animation and voice-over brought direct visual and aural impact on us. We not only learned Nehemiah’s wisdom of leadership from God, we can also apply his attitude towards God to our own lives by the well-designed questions from this materials. It helped me to strengthen my faith to follow God.

Sister Du, Shanghai

Feedback for Book of Nehemiah multimedia Bible learning materials:

1) Vivid: The video is very vivid to represent the Book by 3D animations and real presence in the historical settings. It suites not only Christians, but also non-believers; 2) The discussions and sharing are helpful for us to learn more about our faith and the need of each other, in order to produce more lively and fruitful learning.

Brother Arthur, Hong Kong