Book of Joshua (English)

Book of Joshua (English)


The book of Joshua records how Joshua trusted in the Lord and led the Israelites to conquer the land of Canaan after Moses’ death. The promises that the Lord had made to the house of Israel had become fulfilled! Joshua obeyed God and remained strong in his faith as he followed wherever God led him. May Joshua’s vow, “As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord,” be our vow as well.

The Book of Joshua: A Synopsis

In the book of Joshua, God reveals to us His unchanging promises and the fullness of His kingdom of heaven. Joshua led a life of surrender to God’s calling. With an upright heart and bold faithfulness, Joshua completed the mission entrusted to him: to lead the Israelites in a victorious conquest of the multitudes in Canaan, and to inherit the Promised Land flowing with milk and honey. Studying Joshua’s life, we are struck by the relentless presence of God no matter what and when troubles strike. We learn that a posture of obeying God’s every command is key to overcoming all challenges and the very source of our strength.

Praise the Lord for enabling SOWIM to complete production of the Book of Joshua Bible Study Set in A.D. 2016, which corresponds to year 5776 in the Jewish calendar, exactly the seventieth Year of Jubilee since Joshua led the Israelites into the Promised Land! Indeed, Jesus Christ saves and leads God’s children to enter into abundance and freedom that was promised, with our sins forgiven and burdens shed, to proclaim the year of our Lord’s favor..

Bible Study DVD (English version)

English, English/ Traditional/ Simplified Chinese subtitles, Total length 109 minutes. 10 Lessons, 17 sections, may be played by section.

Filmed in the holy land;

Using 3D animation;

Using 3D geographic demonstrations and maps;

Contains invaluable artifacts found in museums;

Learn God’s faithfulness.

Study Guide

English. 271 pages.

The Book of Joshua Bible Study Set (Study Guide with Bible Study DVD) combines professional film, audiovisual effects, rigorous expository chapters, and small group interaction guides to enhance each learner’s experience of God’s words. It is an ideal tool for Sunday school and Bible study groups.


Sample Chapter

Lesson 2

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User Feedback

As Christians, we all know it’s very difficult to truly experience the words from Old Testament Historical Books. The SOW’s Book of Joshua DVD is essential for Bible studies, vividly re-create the geographic and historical information in the Book.

—— OC Chinese Christian Assembly Rev. Joseph Kao

Our small group is using SOW Book of Joshua Bible study materials. It’s very vivid and helpful to watch the DVD while studying. The study guide is well-designed, including the introduction, fill-in-the-blank and discussion. Our church is using the Book of Joshua as the sermon topic now, matching the small group study is very good.

—— A doctor in Shanghai