Book of Job (Chinese)

Book of Job (Chinese)


The Book of Job multimedia Bible study product (Study Guide with Bible Study DVD) combines both auditory and visual elements to enhance the learning result. It is an ideal tool for Sunday school and Bible study group.

The Book of Job: A Synopsis

When Job— an upright and blameless man who feared the Lord— met the unthinkable and lost everything overnight, his friends were hard-pressed to explain the suffering. After all, how could such suffering— the complete loss of possession, offspring, and health (in the form of tormenting sores)— befall a righteous man? They concurred that Job must have committed some unspeakable sin to bring on God’s severe punishment.

Like Job, when we go through pain, sickness, and tragedy that seem inexplicable, we feel all alone, as if God has abandoned us. Like Job, we may be stricken by grief, striving to find answers for the senseless suffering. Like Job, may we trust in God’s righteousness and proclaim with him, “For I know that my Redeemer lives, and that at the last he will stand upon the earth; and after my skin has been thus destroyed, then in my flesh I shall see God.” The book of Job, a precious book of wisdom, is written for all of us who are in the midst of pain and suffering.

Through a multi-lesson docudrama, the SOWIM Book of Job Bible Study Set presents a truthful depiction of Job’s wrestle with God and intense dialogues with his friends. The study experience will challenge us to examine ourselves in light of Biblical values and to live each day authentically as a new creation in Christ.

Bible Study DVD (Chinese version)

Mandarin/ Cantonese/ Hakka, Traditional/ Simplified Chinese subtitles, 10 Lessons, may be played by section.

Study Guide

Traditional Chinese. 256 pages.

This guide is designed for Sunday school and Bible study group, which covers both Bible learning and life application.  There are 10 Lessons in this book. It contains an overall introduction as well as analyzes in great details the entire book chapter by chapter. In addition, the end of each lesson lists several Bible study questions and life application topics for sharing.


Sample Chapter

Lesson 1 Introduction

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