Book of Ezra (Chinese)

Book of Ezra (Chinese)


By the miraculous guidance of God and with Cyrus’ decree, the Book of Ezra describes the return of Israelites to Jerusalem in 537 and 458 B.C. They not only had rebuilt the temple; more importantly, under Ezra’s leadership, they repented and renewed their relationship with God. This was a major spiritual revival event for the Israelites!

The Book of Ezra Bible Study Set (Study Guide with Bible Study DVD) combines professional film, audiovisual effects, rigorous expository chapters, and small group interaction guides to enhance each learner’s experience of God’s words. It is an ideal tool for Sunday school and Bible study groups.

Bible Study DVD (Chinese version)

Mandarin/ Cantonese, Traditional/ Simplified Chinese subtitles, Total length 78 minutes. 8 Lessons, 12 sections, may be played by section.

  • Filmed in the holy land;
  • Contains invaluable artifacts found in museums;
  • Explore living history, learn God’s faithfulness.

Study Guide

Traditional Chinese. 146 pages.

This guide is designed for Sunday school and Bible study group, which covers both Bible learning and life application.  There are 8 Lessons in this book. It contains an overall introduction as well as analyzes in great detail the entire book chapter by chapter. In addition, the end of each lesson lists several Bible study questions and life application topics for sharing.


Sample Lesson

Lesson 2 Introduction to Ezra

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User Feedback

This well-produced Bible Study film clearly explains the Book of Ezra. I have watched 3 times and I’m willing to watch it again! It is an excellent Bible learning product, which I’m happy to recommend to my brothers and sisters.

Sister Xia, Beijing

Our fellowship liked the Ezra DVD very much. It gave us a historical perspective on how God led Israelites to fulfill his will. The landscape and historical relics, animations, maps, antiques, narratives, interviews … All these elements gave the audience a vivid image of the events described in Bible, brought us back to 2600 years ago, and re-enforced our understanding on God’s plan on Israelites.

Professor Jiang Xia, Chinese University in Hong Kong