Picture of the Month

December 2014

Hebrew Seals Seals served as marks of ownership and authentication, used mainly to stamp documents and containers. They provide us with information about personal names,...
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October 2014

Tribute Bearers Carrying A Container On A Pole The relief shows two tribute bearers carrying a container on a pole and buckets in their hands....
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August 2014

Daric Gold Coin The Daric Gold Coin was in circulation during the Persian Empire period, named in Darius I. On the obverse, Darius I’s figure...
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July 2014

Flyswatter of the Achaemenian Period This flyswatter, from the Persian Empire, is more than 2300 years old. This bronze-handled flyswatter was discovered at the site...
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June 2014

Makeup tools, perfume bottles, and necklaces dating back to 1500 BC The makeup tools, dating back to 1500 BC, include mirrors with handles, small spoons,...
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