Picture of the Month

August 2017

Mt. Tabor Mt. Tabor is the highest mountain in lower Galilee (1,843 ft). It rises, perfectly round, above the fertile Jezreel Valley. Its beauty entrapped...
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July 2017

Harod Spring The Harod Spring and Gideon’s Cave nest inside the Ma’ayan Harod National Park. According to the book of Judges chapter 7, 32,000 men...
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June 2017

Jericho The ancient city of Jericho is located approximately seven kilometers west of the Jordan River, sixteen kilometers northwest of the Dead Sea, and thirty...
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May 2017

Ai Et-Tel was traditionally recognized as the ancient city of Ai, in Israel. Many people dispute the location and existence of this city. In the...
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April 2017

Hazor The remains of Hazor are about 10 kilometers north of today’s Sea of Galilee, Israel. In acient times, it is the largest fortress in...
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March 2017

Mt. Hermon Mt. Hermon is the southern peak of the Anti-Lebanon mountain range located at the intersection of Syria, Lebanon and Israel. The highest peak...
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February 2017

Gilgal According to Joshua 4, Gilgal was the first place the Israelites encamped in Canaan after they crossed the Jordan River. Archaeologists generally agree that...
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