Picture of the Month

August 2013

Gezer Calendar Gezer was a city in ancient Canaan, situated between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Gezer was conquered by Joshua (Joshua 10:33), and mentioned in...
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July 2013

A stone mentioning “The Lord of Hosts” This limestone was discovered in a cave in Judah. The inscription was in ancient Hebrew alphabet, inscribed around...
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June 2013

The Mesha Stele (or the Moab Stele) This basalt stele was discovered in 1868 at Dibon, the ancient capital of Moab, in Southern Jordan. Although...
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May 2013

“The House of David” inscription This stele was discovered in 1993-94 at Tel Dan in Northern Israel. It records that the King of Aram (Hazael)...
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April 2013

Gold drinking goblets of the Persian Empire. These vessels were mostly discovered around Susa, Iran. They are now kept in the Louvre Museum, France. They...
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March 2013

The palace ruins in Susa The site is located near Susa, Ahwaz Province, Iran. It is maintained by the Khouzestan Cultural Heritage Handicraft and Tourism...
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February 2013

Poster of King Xerxes and Queen Esther (available in many book shops in Iran) Although Esther was not recorded in Iran’s official history, people seem...
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