"SOWIM Bible study resources are versatile and can speak to a variety of audiences across cultures and generations. Our Bible study sets have been used (1) to preach the gospel and introduce books in the Bible to individuals who do not know Jesus, (2) to help Christians gain a clear understanding of biblical truth and build a firm foundation for their faith, and (3) as effective training tools for missions teams and church leaders. Each set includes a multi-lesson docudrama (available for digital streaming or download) on a book of the Bible and a study workbook for individual and group learning experiences. "

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SOWIM Bible Study Resources offer solid and engaging biblical teaching that invites each learner on a fresh journey of spiritual growth. Features include:


Multi-lesson docudrama filmed on site in Israel and the Middle East

  • Rigorous exegesis and commentary from internationally renowned Bible scholars, including: Dr Joseph Shao, Dr Chloe Sun, Dr Timothy Wu, Dr Paul Lai, Dr Jacob Tsang, and Dr Tremper Longman III
  • Live footage of the physical and geographical settings of biblical events
  • Detailed showcase of historical artifacts from key archeological collections around the world
  • Guiding questions to ignite highly interactive learning experiences for audiences across cultures and generations
  • Versatile content designed to benefit individuals, small groups, Sunday School participants, mission teams, church leaders at all seasons of spiritual growth.
  • Each Bible Study set includes an in-depth study workbook and a DVD, with an access code for online streaming and digital download
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