Picture of the Month

June 2016

Damascus Gate – one of the city gates of Jerusalem Old City 

The Damascus Gate is located on the north side of the old city of Jerusalem. Its modern Hebrew name means Shechem Gate because the road outside the gate leads to Shechem in the north.

The Damascus Gate is located at the entrance of the Arab bazaar and marketplace. In front of the Damascus Gate, there is a big square. There are many hawkers doing business there.

In order to completely prevent the foreign merchants from doing business in the city and affecting the people from keeping the Sabbath, Nehemiah commanded his servants to shut the gates before Sabbath and that they should not open the gates until after the Sabbath. “When it began to be dark at the gates of Jerusalem before the sabbath, I commanded that the doors should be shut and gave orders that they should not be opened until after the sabbath. And I set some of my servants over the gates, to prevent any burden from being brought in on the sabbath day.” (Nehemiah 13:19) The Bible Study Video “Nehemiah” has full description.

– explained by Helen Chan