Picture of the Month

March 2013

The palace ruins in Susa

The site is located near Susa, Ahwaz Province, Iran. It is maintained by the Khouzestan Cultural Heritage Handicraft and Tourism Organization. The official name is “Dariush es Apadanna Palace”. “Apadanna” is a style of building with a large number of stone pillars, with at least one side open to natural elements. The palace was built by Darius the Great during 521~516 B.C. and later completed by King Xerxes (Ahasuerus). This palace complex has different parts such as the Hall of Audience, Gate-Reception Palace, Pillared Vestibules and three Central Yards. (The above is explained by Professor Vincent Shen.)[Note: The panoramic picture above was obtained by stitching several high-resolution pictures together, but due to the limit of the web page width, it looks too small. To let you see more details, five zoomed-in sections of the picture above, from left to right, are shown below.]