Picture of the Month

May 2013

“The House of David” inscription

This stele was discovered in 1993-94 at Tel Dan in Northern Israel. It records that the King of Aram (Hazael) defeated and killed Joram, King of Israel, and Ahaziah of the House of David. It was dated to around 800 B.C. and is currently kept in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. The white Aramaic letters (from right to left) is BYTDWD, which could be translated as “House of David”. But a few scholars thought that could be interpreted differently. If it is indeed “House of David”, this would be the oldest description of the Davidic dynasty outside the Bible. In Chapter 8 of Second Kings it does record the battle between King Hazael and the Kings Joram and Ahaziah, but they were killed by General Jehu who rebelled against Joram.