SOWIM Prayer Letter of July

Joy and  Blessedness

In our momentary lives, the tiniest turn in thought, or a blink of an eye, can take us in drastically different directions on our universal quest for blessedness. But where can blessing be found? The Book of Psalms opens with the word אַ֥שְֽׁרֵי־ ashrei, the Hebrew word for being blessed, joyful, and prosperous. How much God loves the world! Through the Psalms, God shows us the way to leading a blessed life. In our July sermon, Pastor Susan exhorts us not to let God’s blessing pass us by.

Did you know that the world’s best-selling and most widely distributed book is the Bible? Among the 66 books of the Bible, the Psalms stands out as the one most frequently quoted in the New Testament, the one boasting a 2000-year writing period, the one described by Martin Luther as the “Little Bible”, and the one featured as SOWIM’s July spotlight!
The psalms lay to rest the whole range of human emotions, from sorrow, to ecstacy, to lament, to remorse, to awe; on the mountaintop and through the valleys, the words of God guide us on the right path. In other words, the Psalms is like a window through which we behold God’s love and faithfulness, praise Him for His awesome creation and glorious power. It is through this window that God Himself blesses us with His promises of joy, peace, and eternity.

Our first ever SOW Online Bible study series (in Mandarin Chinese) on the Psalms is now open for registration, with over half of the available spots reserved in just the first 24 hours! This course is a joint offering by SOWIM USA and SOWIM Taiwan. Please pray with us: may all participants be blessed through a close reading of the psalms and drawing near to our LORD in His joy and peace!

Once again, we thank you for your partnership as we co-labor with God to

“give seed to the sower and bread to the eater”

Isaiah 55:10

Co-laboring in Christ,
Reverend Susan Chen
Spring of Water International Ministries
President, Founder, and Lifetime Volunteer