2019 Short-term Mission

Prayer War Room

2019 Taiwan mission team will serve at 6 different locations from July 7 to 27. We look forward to great and fruitful collaboration in our summer mission to preach the gospel and share God’s love in one accord!
Even if you can’t join our short-term mission this summer, would you be open to prayerfully and financially sow into the mission? 1 Samuel 30:24 tells us that on the battlefield “the share of the one who goes down into the battle shall be the same as the share of the one who stays by the baggage; they shall share alike.” Thus, according to God’s principles, your labor through prayer and financial giving will be rewarded just as much as the frontline mission team members who go out to fight for the lost souls!

Miaoli Team

  • For Mission Team:
  1. May God grant us wisdom, health and the presence of the Holy Spirit through the time of preparing for the program.
  2. May God unite our team members’ hearts and souls. Also, pray that everything we do might be pure and acceptable to God.
  3. We are very thankful for all the teenagers and the children who follow their parents to join this short-term mission. May God bless them and help them to be actively do God’s work during the mission.
  4. Especially pray for Ching Chung who is the leader of our team. May God grant her grace, wisdom and strength to lead this team.
  5. Pray for Jing Cong who is from China to join our team. May God help her to successfully get the visa for this trip to Taiwan.
  6. Pray God will help us not to rely on ourselves but only rely on God. May God grant every one of us wisdom, humble heart to spread the words of God to the children and give glory to God.
  • For the students:
  1. May God help every student to concentrate on what they learn and eager to understand the truth of God’s words.
  2. May God open every child’s heart to be willing to accept God’s grace of salvation.
  • For the churches in Miaoli:

  1. May God fill the churches in Miaoli and strengthen the churches.
  2. Pray for the program in the afternoon at Daluen Junior High School. May God bring more students to join this program. Although we are not allowed to preach the gospel, may God touch their hearts to feel God’s love through our program.
  3. Pray for the children’s program in the morning at the church. May God move more parents’ hearts to be willing to let their children join our program so that the children who attend this program can hear the words of God and get the chance to accept Jesus as their Savior.
  4. Pray for the unity between our mission team and the co-workers of the local church. Especially pray God will help us to build a good relationship with the new pastor of the local church.
  5. Pray for the 6A Parents Program at night. May God draw near more parents’ hearts to attend this program and learn to be wise and loving parents, so that they could be a blessing to their children.
  • For the environment:
  1. Pray for the weather during the camp won’t be too hot.
  2. We may not be able to control the environment but pray God’s presence be with us so that we can be obedient to God’s plan and trust Him wholeheartedly.

Kaohsiung & Pingtung Team

  1. Pray for the unity in our team. Pray God will help us to know each other and have a great relationship to work together for God.
  2. Pray for the members who join the mission team for the first time. May God help them to trust God with all their hearts and will experience God’s work within us. Especially pray for the young members, Joyce and Timothy. May they feel the safety, love and care from other team members and stay brave and confident.
  3. Pray for the safety and health for every team member.
  4. May God draw our hearts to close to Him and strengthen us to experience through the power of God we can do everything.
  5. May the Holy Spirit touch every child’s heart and lead them to accept the salvation of Jesus. Also, pray for all their parents can get to know God through them.

Taichung Team

  1. Pray for our focus and let us give priority to evangelism in all things;
  2. Pray for more wisdom and let the team know how to prepare appropriate material, crafts and games;
  3. Pray for GOD’s protection and let the team experience God’s presence throughout the mission trip.

Taipei Team--Holy Word Children's Home/ New City Bread of life Christian church

  1. Pray for unity: may God grant us a united heart to serve with harmony and good team spirit.
  2. Pray for safety: may God grant us a safe trip, as we have 7 kids in our team, pray that we will have travel mercy and good health.
  3. Pray for spirituality: may God help each one of us to get closer to Him, so that we’ll be first touched by His grace and love, then spread and share them to those kids in Taipei.

Taipei Agape Children’s Home

  1. This is the first time for us to serve at Agape Children’s Home. We pray that all the programs of this summer camp fit well with the children and teenagers there.
  2. Pray that we will have a good relationship with the youth and share the love of   Jesus with them.
  3. Pray for the confidence of team members to get along well with the youth of the camp. May we do not rely on our own experiences, but trust God with an undivided heart.
  4. Most of our team members are seniors, but we pray God will renew our heart and mind to create an atmosphere of joy and harmony during the camp.
  5. May God bless every outdoor activity. Pray for health and safety for every team member.
  6. Pray that we will find an ideal place for the field trip and through every activity we can build up the trust with them and have fun together.
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