【Who’s the Boss?】March 2021 Prayer Letter

Peace be with you, brothers and sisters!

Recall the last time when you faced a big decision and had to take a bold step; or when you were misunderstood, misjudged, or mistreated; when the situation was so complex that it was hard to discern the truth. Our journeys may differ in the details, but we can count on this same fact:  

The eyes of the Lord range throughout the entire earth, to strengthen those whose heart is true to him. (2 Chronicles 16:9)

The Jewish holiday Purim (2021/2/25-26) celebrates God’s deliverance of His children from grief into joy, distress into peace. You’re invited to study the Book of Esther with us and relive the remarkable origins of Purim! While there is not a single mention of the name Yahweh in the book, the twists and turns clearly demonstrate the amazing ways of God. As we consider each character in the story, one fact that we must admit is: whether king, queen, or commoner, no one really has control over the future.

We invite you to listen to our March sermon Who is Our Bossand order the SOWIM Book of Esther Bible Study Set. Let’s reflect on the spiritual qualities (F.A.C.T.) of Queen Esther and learn how we might, likewise, mature in our walk with God to be able to respond to critical and trying moments faithfully. ⇒Check March 2021 Sermon

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SOWIM Taiwan Monthly Sharing
Pastor Daniel Chuang

In the Tamshui district where SOWIM Taiwan is situated, the bustle and hustle of the Chinese New Year holidays have eased back into a sense of calm as we step into a new month. Likewise, our newly formed team is learning to navigate the seasonal rhythms of the ministry. Even our new office has been a clear testament to God’s grace and goodness: Reverend Albert Yu-Min Chuang of Tam Kang Church offered office space at no cost for our team! How thankful we are for the timely insight we gained about video production and support, having seasoned Tam Kang multimedia coworkers as our neighbors!  

A little over 100 sq. ft., our cozy new home has allowed our team of three to enjoy moments of deep sharing and barrier-free dialogue through group devotion, work meetings, and theological training. We invite brothers and sisters to support us through prayer and donation. Crucially, as the Taiwan team is still learning the ropes of producing multimedia Bible resources, please pray for God to fill us with wisdom to approach all kinds of situations and move forward courageously in step with Him.



Pray for SOWIM in March 2021

Distribution of the Psalms Study Set
May God help us overcome the video exporting issues that are delaying Blu-Ray and DVD production. May this Study Set become a blessing to God’s children in His time, to foster spiritual growth and encourage us to draw close to Him in prayer and praise.

Books of Promise & Books of Return
Aired in Taiwan on GoodTV with positive acclaim, this two video series have been requested by the Chinese church in Malaysia for the edification of the brethren. We are working with Tam Kang Church to retouch and add new segments and pray that Sunday School teachers will be equipped and supported by this resource. Pray for the coordination and communication involved to accomplish these goals.

Taiwan Office
Our team is currently unable to install a dedicated phone line and Wi-Fi in the new space. Pray for God to provide a way for those who seek Him first.

Taiwanese Hokkien Dubbing
Praise the Lord for moving the hearts of sister Connie Pan and brother Huang Chang-Hsin to translate the video soundtrack of 1 Samuel Study Set. We plan to make all of our Chinese resources available in Taiwanese Hokkien, and invite you to make a donation if God gives you a burden in this area. We pray that the 230 million inhabitants of Taiwan can hear God’s words in their heart language and come to Him.

Post-Production of Book of Job – English and Arabic
May God help each person involved to complete the English version, with hearts that acknowledge Him in all the details. May God heal the team working on the Arabic version as several of them are recovering from Covid-19. May this work of making SOWIM resources available in multiple languages – be used by God to sow His words into the hearts of people around the world. May the seeds bear fruit and glorify God’s name.

May God keep your hearts and minds firmly in Christ’s peace and joy, and help you depend completely on Him for wisdom and strength!

Co-laboring in Christ,

Reverend Susan Chen
CEO, Founder, & Lifetime Volunteer
Spring of Water International Ministries

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