【Already But Not Yet?】February 2021 Prayer Letter

Dear brothers and sisters,
Peace be with you as we step into the month of February! Journeying through the seasons of life, have you experienced greater renewal and victory in Christ? Have you grown more secure with Jesus’ salvation and promises in hand, and the words of God in heart?

In the Book of Joshua, Joshua leads the Israelites to cross the Jordan river into Canaan, where they defeat one king after another in their conquest of the promised land. Still, toward the end of Joshua’s life, the Lord said to him, “You are old and advanced in years, and very much of the land still remains to be possessed. All the districts of the Philistines and the Geshurites.” (Joshua 13:1-2)
How could it be? Joshua had already led the Israelites across the Jordan and conquered so many walled cities and peoples, only to be told by God that very much of the land remained to be possessed!

Dear brothers and sisters, have you, too, encountered something similar? In other words, you are already in God’s promised land, but realize that much of the land have not yet been possessed. Already, but Not Yet is the theme of Reverend Susan’s sermon this month. She will share what the Bible teaches about claiming the all-encompassing and abundant promises in Christ Jesus.






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From the Taiwan Team: Serving Christ in unity

After 5 months of preparation and connection, SOWIM Taiwan is now a full team! Please pray for us as we align with SOWIM US on vision, goals, schedules, and rhythm by closely heeding the voice of the Spirit and seeking to be more deeply rooted in the Bible. We believe that the key to becoming mature as a global team is found in what God has revealed to us in his words. The need for building Christ-centered teams is echoed in the Christology of Paul’s Letter to the Colossians: “He is the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, so that he might come to have first place in everything.” (Colossians 1:18)  It is our earnest prayer that both SOWIM Taiwan and SOWIM US can be a blessing to all churches and children of God, by being rooted in Biblical truth and sowing God’s words, like seeds, in the hearts of many, “to give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater.” (Isaiah 55:10)




Pray for SOWIM in February 2021

Release of Psalms Bible Study Set
Dear Father, thank you for bringing together your gifted children through the production of the Psalms Bible study set. We have experienced your grace, time and time again, and we praise you for moving the hearts of many SOWIM supporters to help in the Taiwan-to-USA delivery process. You have provided everything we have needed to bring this project to fruition. Would you call more brothers and sisters to support SOWIM through prayer and offering, so that more can experience your goodness and partake in your glorious work?

For coworker Ivy’s return to the US 
Heavenly Father, thank you for deepening Ivy’s faith and experience in Christ through this unexpected season. Would you watch over her body and soul, and prepare the way for her to return to the US SOWIM team? Would you raise up more Christian multimedia professionals to partner with SOWIM, so that we can serve you more effectively and produce multimedia Bible study resources with excellence?

Reprinting of English resources and Book of Job release 
Lord, maker of heaven and earth, stretch out your mighty hand and anoint each of your servants participating in the reprinting of English Bible study sets for the Books of Ruth, Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther. May more brothers and sisters be able to access this precious resource via Would you bless the final rounds of post-production for the Book of Job Bible study set? Thank you for the way you build up your servants and inspire us with your Spirit through each project.  O Lord, please continue to lead us!

Healing of the Arabic Ruth Post-Production Team 
Dear Father, would you watch over and heal our partners who are working on the Arabic dubbing and video-editing for the Book of Ruth Bible study set? Gabriel and his team members have been affected by the coronavirus and some are still recovering. Would you show your mercy over the whole team and bring your healing and blessings into their and their families’ lives?

Website Makeover and Design Process
Father God, as we seek to upgrade our website to improve the experience of all those who purchase and access SOWIM resources online, would you lead us to partner with a team of web design professionals that is pleasing to you? Thank you for the ups and downs we experienced in 2020, through which you renewed our hearts and mind time and time again. You turned our eyes away from the trends of the world and toward you alone, so that we can focus on sowing your words and truth. Help us set our eyes on you. Help us overflow with your own love. Help us to be light and salt in the world. SOWIM belongs to you – use us for your purpose. May your words be sown, like seeds, deeply in the hearts of many.

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