🔎【A Heart of Wisdom】December 2020 Prayer Letter

Peace to you, brothers and sisters!

2020 has been a disruptive year, with change upon change piled up before us, pausing the plans and frustrating the steps of man. May God renew the way we see, through listening to SOW Taiwan CEO Pastor Daniel Chuang’s sermon《Psalm 90: A Heart of Wisdom》. Instead of scrambling for solutions to one crisis after another, let us anchor our hearts in God’s faithfulness and make space for His grace. Click to Listen

Song of Faith in the Valley of Elah: A Reflection by Pastor Daniel Chuang

The Valley of Elah is a turning point in David’s life. Not because of his repeated questions about the reward for defeating Goliath. Not because his skilled use of the sling and stones saved the day. But because of his proclamation of faith before King Saul. Faced with a brand new challenge beyond his ability and experience, David chose not to seek his own solutions but to stand trusting in the abiding mercy of God and anticipating God’s new mercies to come!

Likewise, the Psalms Bible Study Set launch in December, for the brand new SOW Taiwan team, can feel like Goliath in the Valley of Elah, being a challenge that surpasses our ability and experience. Also like David, we choose to sing the song of faith! We continually draw comfort and hope from David’s posture, trusting that God’s mercy on SOW in the past will overflow to bless our team in December 2020. We also trust that this launch event will serve not only as a highlight of our ministry this year, but truly launch our ministry to the church, the body of Christ, in Taiwan.

Thanks be to God! By God’s grace, we have completed production of the Book of Psalms Multimedia Bible Study Guide & Video Set! On December 12th at 4:00PM Pacific Standard Time, we invite you to join us in our Thanksgiving Ceremony & Psalms Study Set Launch event. Our brothers and sisters in Nepal will share about their translation work and we look forward to present to you our upcoming projects. Thank you so much for supporting SOW with your prayers and supportive presence through the seasons. We are deeply grateful for your sincere love and partnership. Click to RSVP

From the past to the present, for people of Israel and of all the nations, the Book of Psalms has given voice to the cries of our soul and shed light on the complex terrain in our hearts. Each psalm can be likened to a window. Through this window, we experience God’s love and faithfulness, joy and peace, as well as eternal reward in Christ Jesus. By registering to attend our 12/12 event, you will receive details on how to pre-order the Psalms Bible Study Set.

Support SOW: Double Your Impact on December 1st through 12th!

In 2020, we thank the many brothers and sisters who have supported SOW with your prayers and donations. By God’s grace, we have witnessed God’s faithfulness in the production of Bible study sets for the books of Psalms (completed in December 2020), Ruth (Arabic), Nehemiah (Nepali), and Job (English). At year-end, we would like to invite you once more to participate in our Annual Giving Drive! From December 1st (Giving Tuesday) through December 12th, every donation received will be matched to double your impact! Click to Donate

We also want to express our gratitude to our supporters who have created Facebook Birthday Fundraisers to raise awareness about our mission among your social network. Because of your support, we are encouraged to press on in God’s ministry of sowing the seeds of His words in all the nations!

May God bless and keep you to walk with Him from moment to moment, to stand on the promises in His Word, and to receive God’s full reward.


Co-laboring in Christ,

Rev. Susan Chen
Founder & Lifetime Volunteer,
Spring of Water International Ministries

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