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Available in Chinese: Book of Esther, Book of Ezra, Book of Job, Book of Joshua, Book of Judges, Book of Nehemiah, Book of Ruth, and Book of 1 Samuel.

Available in English: Book of Esther, Book of Ezra, Book of Joshua, Book of Nehemiah and Book of Ruth.

You may type the book titles in Chinese to find our Bible Study Sets in Chinese version OR the book titles in English + Spring of Water International Ministries to find our Bible Study Sets in English version.

For Example–

♦ Type 約伯記 and find Book of Job in Chinese version.

♦ Type Book of Joshua Spring of Water International Ministries and find Book of Joshua in English version.

Blessed are those who read God’s words with diligence!

May you and your loved ones find joy through

studying the Word of God using SOWIM resources.

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