SOWIM Stories- The Mastermind behind SOWIM’s Social Media

A Journey of Love:

The Mastermind behind SOWIM’s Social Media

If you’ve been following us on social media, you may have noticed a transformation. Since July, we have started to be more intentional and versatile in the ways we sow the seeds of God’s words in our weekly posts and email newsletters:

Going into August, we also launched the series SOWIM Stories (heart felt testimonies of how God is working in and through SOWIM to accomplish His plans) and SOWIM Lifestyle (a series of mini interviews with Christians around the world who have been blessed by our Bible study resources). 

We thank God for enabling us to testify His goodness more visually and richly. In particular, we want to celebrate an individual who has volunteered her professional experiences and time to elevate the bar for SOWIM’s social media ministry. Her name is Cathy Lee. We are so thankful for Cathy’s dedicated partnership, as she spent hours upon hours guiding us to reflect on our social media presence and practices, offering feedback on countless design drafts, and journeying with us as we ventured into unfamiliar terrain and navigated this transformation together! 

An Angel Sent by God

Cathy resides in Texas with her husband and two precious daughters. Before getting married, Cathy worked as a digital marketing strategist in Taiwan and Shanghai. Upon marriage, Cathy relocated to the US with her husband, devoting her heart to family and raising her children. In early 2020, God orchestrated for Cathy to cross paths with Reverend Susan Chen and to discover our desire to revamp our online presence so that God’s words can be shared further and wider via social media. Compelled by God’s love, Cathy took a step of faith to participate in SOWIM’s ministry as a volunteer Art Director. The rest is history. To the staff, Cathy is truly like an angel sent by God at the perfect timing. With her experience and insight, Cathy opened our eyes to creative, new possibilities of touching and impacting our online community with God’s words.

Multimedia that Nourishes the Heart

“A brand is like a person. What kind of person is SOWIM?” asked Cathy in our first meeting as a team. We explored thoughtfully how to position SOWIM on social media. How might we create multimedia content that nourishes both the head and the heart? How could  we speak into the lives of our readers in a way that draws them closer to God? More than once, Cathy reminded, “It’s not enough to choose themes that resonate with our audience. The wording and images themselves must be eye-catching so that people want to engage with our content.” Every time our team sends out a draft, Cathy would squeeze time out of her packed schedule as a full-time mom to review and provide feedback. There were even times when she would respond to LINE messages close to midnight (Texas time) to help us keep moving in finalizing designs and posts!

With a heart of thankfulness, we pray that all who encounter SOWIM through social media will be blessed by the fruit of such passion and labor. May our eyes and our hearts be captivated by God’s words alone May we daily experience God’s abundance and be strengthened by His grace, through a lifestyle of savoring and meditating on the very words of God!