SOWIM Taiwan Launches– Back to the Bible Movement

The Only Way to Revival: An Invitation to the Church

For years, churches have searched high and low, across nations and denominations, for strategies to stimulate church growth. Yet, as we look back on the history of the Church, we discover the timeless truth that God reveals through the Bible: all things on earth will pass away, but God’s words will never pass away. In an age where churches flock to validate themselves via size and numbers, how might one encourage a return to the original setting of God’s words? How might one rekindle that deep sense of contentment that comes from beholding Bible revelation? We are convicted that the living Word of God transcends time and space as the shared foundation of all churches. Likewise, we perceive a return back to the Bible as the only way for churches to undergo lasting revival.  

Thus, in the next quarter, SOWIM Taiwan will be touring the key cities of Taiwan to connect with pastors and invite churches to participate in our Bible seminars in 2021. We pray that God will move more people in Taiwan to become “Friends of SOWIM” and support our ministry. Most importantly, we pray that God will use SOWIM’s Bible study resources to usher the body of Christ into His words, where they will see God. 

If God is moving your heart to support SOWIM Taiwan’s Back to the Bible movement, please click on this link >> to make an offering.  May God provide SOWIM Taiwan with a strong ministry team and sufficient financial resources in order to, in unity with SOWIM USA, serve faithfully the One who first called us.