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The Book of Esther: God’s Wonderful Plan of Redemption

The year 2020 has been a grave time of tribulation. Around the world, our deep brokenness is felt in the impact of COVID-19 on people, economies, and international relations. In America, we are also pained by the hatred and unforgiveness, conflict and clashes among us stemming from racial tensions. Many feel threatened and disturbed as peace and order ebb away in our communities. But we thank the LORD for raising up Christians to kneel and pray for our nation.

As we witness God’s children turning to God for help, we remember Esther’s story in the Old Testament. Facing the threat of genocide, Esther turned to God. She fasted and prayed. She stepped up in courage and wisdom. And she saw God’s hand orchestrating the historical turn of events, delivering the Jews from destruction. <<Click to Order Book of Esther Bible Study Set  



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In 2009, God called SOWIM into existence with the mission of sowing God’s words in people’s hearts through the production of multimedia Bible study resources. Thanks be to God! Led by director Simon Shi-Hao Chang, we have entered post-production for SOWIM‘s Book of Psalms multi-lesson docudrama. The Book of Psalms study workbook, compatible for use for individual or groups, in person or online, has completed user testing and in the final phase of copyediting. We look forward to introducing this timely Bible study resource to brothers and sisters by the end of this year, and invite your continued partnership through prayer and giving. 

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