Reading the Psalms

With wisdom and power, God creates the heavens and the earth, forming humans in his image, full of glory and beauty. He breathes into us and makes us living beings. (Ref: Genesis 1:1-2:7) Each of us is fearfully and wonderfully made, full of dignity and vitality!

Life is precious because we are all created by the Almighty God, our Father in heaven. From the moment we were knitted in our mother’s womb, whether red or yellow, black or white, God treasured us as his masterpiece, marvelously created with his love. Across all seasons and circumstances, through every moment of our lives, God’s lovingkindness never leaves us and his truthful words remain forever.

“Dear heavenly Father, thank you for creating me in your image and breathing life into my soul. All that I do, all that I have, and all that I am come from you. I will take the path that you have prepared for me. Help me live out your truth and your grace. From eternity to eternity, glory be to you, my God. In the holy name of Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen!”


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