A Prayer to the God of My Life

In our daily lives, it goes without saying how much value we place on speed and efficiency. Not only do we want higher speeds and higher volumes for our mobile devices, we want to enjoy all the things we desire right now. This flood of desires roars over any inner voices of caution about finances; in fact, many choose to be in debt just to get our hands on the objects of our desire now. “Living in the moment” is surely one of the mantras of our generation.

In Scripture, however, God shows us how we can live our lives differently. Psalm 62:5 paints a picture of our souls waiting in silence for God alone. Waiting is what God wants us to learn. When the Israelites entered Canaan, the promised land, God also asked them to wait. As they approached the city of Jericho, so “large and fortified up to heaven” (ref: Deuteronomy 1:28), God instructed Joshua to command the people: “You shall not shout or let your voice be heard, nor shall you utter a word, until the day I tell you to shout. Then you shall shout.” (Joshua 6:10)

In silence, the Israelites marched around the city, once a day for six days. All this time, they waited. On the seventh day, God went into action and gave the city of Jericho, both humans and animals, completely into the hand of Israel.

In silence, let us also learn to wait on our LORD for his divine plan and timing. May our hearts not be tuned to the pulse of our desires. May our eyes not keep scanning, like a predator hunting for prey, to fill our endless desires. May we turn our eyes upon our Almighty God and firmly root our hope in the One who holds tomorrow. For he loves us with an everlasting love and his promises never changes. For a crown of victory is reserved for each one who waits for God alone with a whole heart.

“Dear LORD who knows us completely, thank you for understanding us in our weakness,our restlessness; for strengthening our hearts to wait for your best. Give us eyes to see as you do, and help us plant our faith and hope on your promises, for you are good and your steadfast love endures forever!”

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