Give Seed to the Sower and Bread to the Eater

Peace to you, my dear brothers and sisters!

In this time of COVID-19, with our hectic schedules on hold and daily lives confined indoors, with events suspended or even cancelled, our passion at SOWIM to “give seed to the sower and bread to the eater” has only become stronger! The pandemic has allowed SOWIM to be more thoughtful on how God’s words can be shared via social media to bring encouragement and strength to all.  On Fridays, via, Facebook, LINE, and WeChat, you will find carefully curated excerpts from our Bible Study Workbooks. Each excerpt contains the contextual detail that helps us feast on the words of God and savor their rich flavor.  On Tuesdays, you will find a digital Scripture card that you can enjoy and share with friends. With just one click on the >> symbol (as shown in the picture), you will access textual and historical facts about that verse, with a responsive prayer. As the pandemic rages on, I believe it is God’s will for us to experience his faithfulness and grace in the midst of his refining fire, as we anchor our faith firmly on his words. 

God tells us: “Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved.” (Psalm 55:22) This precious promise has inspired a message that I preached recently at my church and shared (via this link) with you. We trust that God’s Word is powerful and that only God can grant true peace, a peace that the world cannot take away. 


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May God’s Word be with you through every step of your life journey. 

In the month of May, let us savor the Word of God and read it closely. In addition to being renewed in strength yourself, join in the movement of sowing God’s words, as seeds, in the hearts of those around you– seeds that will bear the everlasting fruit of peace and joy! 

Partnering in Christ,

Rev. Susan Chen

Founder, President, and Lifetime Volunteer

Spring of Water International Ministries