“10th Anniversary Special Award”– SOWIM and Me

SOWIM has been so blessed with God’s grace and presence in the past 10 years. Through God’s mighty power and the prayers and loving support from brothers and sisters, we are growing gradually and welcoming the 10th year anniversary in this Fall. At this special season, we’d love to invite you to join “SOWIM and Me”— Article Award and to share the precious lesson or unforgettable experience during the years with SOWIM.

1. Date: September 24, 2019 to October 12, 2019
2. Area: USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong
3. Forms: You may write in any literary forms.
4. Title of the Article: “SOWIM and Me”+ your own title
5. Under 1200 words.
6. The submitted article must be an original. Please do not copy any article that has been published.
7. Award Criteria: Inspiring and Sincere.
8. There are 3 Prizes:
First Prize:SOW Bible Study Sets (The whole 8 sets)
Second Prize:SOW Bible Study Sets(Choose any 5 sets )
Third Prize:SOW Bible Study Sets(Choose any 2 sets)
* Anyone who has submitted an article will get one of our newest 1st Samuel Bible study set!

Welcome you to join our Article Award! We look forward to your wonderful sharing.

How to submit:

1. Please submit your article to before October 12, 2019.
2. We won’t consider any article that is submitted pass the deadline.
3. Please provide your name, church, mailing address, phone number and email when you submit your article. So that we can ship the prize to you.