March 2019【Let Us Experience God’s Love and Mighty Power】

Dear brothers and sisters, Peace be with you! Thanks be to God for the popular demand of The Book of Job Bible Study Set since its publication at the end of last year. Through the message of Job, people’s hearts are moved by God. It is God’s desire to reveal His steadfast love to His children, especially to those who are suffering like Job. The book of Job tells us that God is the creator of the universe. He is the sovereign LORD with mighty power and faithful righteousness. God designs the rules and boundaries for all His creation and He sets the limitations of our suffering, too. In the end of his soul searching, Job declares, “My ears had heard of you but now my eyes have seen you.” (Job 42:5) With a joyful and grateful heart, we are going to hold two half-day workshops – “A Rainbow Behind Dark Cloud” to celebrate the publication of The Book of Job Bible Study Set. May all the glory and praise be to God! The first workshop is on April 26th, at Chinese Bible Missions Church (CBMC) in Los Angeles; and the second one is on May 4th at Orange County Chinese Christian Assembly (OCCCA) in Garden Grove. There will be worship and praise dance, fun games and incisive message from Dr. Chloe Sun, a renowned Old Testament professor at Logos Evangelical Seminary. You are cordially invited to attend these workshops. Please don’t forget to RSVP on or before April 22nd and April 29th, respectively. You can contact Gabrielle Cheng at 949-502-5688 (O),949-200-2487 (C) or Email her at I hereby earnestly request your prayers for the upcoming “2019 Taiwan Mission.” In addition to producing multimedia Bible study sets, SOW has been doing short term mission in Taiwan for ten years. We host English Bible camps that use SOW’s Bible study sets as the core biblical content for the elementary school and junior high school students, to preach the gospel among them. With God’s blessing, almost 90% of the students, who attend the camp, accept Jesus as their savior. Witnessing such power of the gospel of the LORD, we are amazed by the grace of God, and are deeply blessed with an exponential growth of our spiritual life. We need your prayer support for our co-workers who design the curriculum and activities of the English Bible Camp. May God give us wisdom to faithfully deliver the message of God’s heart. We trust God will call out His children, who carry the passion of saving the lost souls, to join the mission team. We believe God’s heart will be pleased when we participate in the Great Commission to preach God’s words to all the nations of the world. also want to encourage you to pray for yourself. You could be the one, who God is calling to participate “2019 Taiwan Mission”. With prayers and actions, we can fight the good fight together to rescue souls for the glory LORD. Together, we shall experience the power of the Gospel and the immense love of God! Hallelujah! May God’s gracious hands lead you, bless you and protect you always! Sincerely yours in Christ, Susan Chen Founder and Lifetime Volunteer Spring of Water International Ministries Donate for Muslim 1000
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